comfortable_shoestherapeuticSelecting Athletic ShoesAt Marsden’s foot comfort has been our specialty since 1947.  Whether you have tired, achy feet, a diagnosed medical condition of the foot, want to enhance your own shoes for more comfort or are looking for new shoes to do a better job,  our foot care specialists can provide individualized solutions to help you feel better on your feet.

You’re not alone with foot pain. The foot is a complex structure, designed to carry our weight while we walk, stand, run or engage in sports. To accomplish this, there are 26 bones, and a sophisticated network of joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles in the foot. When alignment is off, weight shifts, and problems start.

PREVENTIVE CARE IS SENSIBLE CARE: The goal is to align the foot and ankle, support the arch and offload painful pressures. Keeping your feet in a healthy alignment feels better, and prevents problems from developing. Sometimes it’s just a matter of changing to a more supportive shoe style. One that fits. At Marsden’s our certified pedorthists and expert shoe fitters will show you a broad range of footwear brands and styles to meet the needs of your feet and your lifestyle including orthopedic shoes and Medicare approved shoes for diabetics. You can see our store and specialized foot care facilities here. Marsden’s has been providing top quality footwear and foot care services to the Whittier community since 1947.

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Accepting PPO Group Insurance, Medicare, Kaiser & Workers’ Comp  – Participating in the Medicare Therapeutic Shoe Program for DiabeticsMarsden's Pedorthics Shoe BrandsACCREDITATION: Established in 1947 Marsden’s Shoes is accredited by the American Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics and Pedorthics (ABC). On staff are three ABC certified pedorthists as well as an ABC certified orthotist. As one of Southern California’s leading providers of accommodative footwear and custom orthotics Marsden’s is both qualified and experienced in filling Medicare and Kaiser prescriptions.